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Programme Description

This course is designed for buyers, suppliers and contract analysts who need high competence in writing bids, delivering and managing tenders of varying complexities. Acquiring the competence can win lucrative contracts from governments, in oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, even from international institutions. Whether it is a tender for projects or supply of goods or services, tender evaluation and contract preparation need to be addressed in a structured and disciplined manner.

The course sets the complete tender cycle into context in relation to the development of contract strategy, identification of appropriate pre-qualified contractors, contract design, the tender process and contract award.

Course Contents


  • A Random Walk through Client-Side Tendering Process

          -Having a contract plan

          -Raise a contract requisition

          -Bidders list

          -Tender board approval of bidders list

          - Issuance of Invitation to Tender

          -Receipt of bids from tenderers

          -Bid opening: technical/commercial

          -Tender board approval of technical bid evaluation

          -Opening of the commercial bid/evaluation

          -Contract award to the lowest bidder

          -Contract close-out.

  • Differing levels of bid complexity
  • Tender procedures
  • Contractor/Supplier registration
  • Contractor/Supplier appraisal
  • Risks associated with different contract types
  • Contract design – selection of clauses
  • Pre-qualification and approved contractors/supplier lists
  • Tender evaluation and bid-comparison processes


  • Types of contract for projects and to supply of goods and services
  • Legal aspects of contract for projects and for goods and services
  • Commercial law, including agency law, local preference legislation
  • Risks associated with different contract types
  • Understanding the scope and requirement
  •  Dealing with tender boards
  • Contract award.


  • Contractor-Side Tendering Process – Special skills in bid writing
  • Complying with requirements
  • - sourcing strategy for contracts and subcontracts

    - responding to Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

    - language of bids and tendering

    - gathering comprehensive and quality information

    structured and compliant roadmap for the project

    - presenting the unique selling points

    - expressing activities, outputs, milestones and results

    - putting power into the language

    - drafting, revising and perfecting

    - providing evidences

    - bid layout and style

  • Competitive differentiation.
  • Complying with requirements


  • Post-tender negotiation
  • Essential skills of negotiation
  • - Winning and losing – what the formulas are

    • Bid management process 

    - structure of a kick-off meeting, involvement of the subject- matter-experts

    - updating supporting documents, Management of deadlines

    • Vendor performance monitoring


  • Unique Proficiencies for New Bids, Tenders and Contracts
  • - master Stakeholders special pressures

    - be knowledgeable of regulatory pressures

    - attentiveness to market volatility

    • Generate useful leads
    • Find and nurture key contacts
    • Manage the new relationship effectively.

Date & Time
February 5, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
February 9, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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