About Us

Executive Summary

Since February 1992, when we commenced business, TOM ASSOCIATES Training has become a foremost, very steady, and creative management training institution in Nigeria today. 
We have built our reputation through our single-minded focus on Management Training. 
Our programmes and courses are designed and delivered to prepare middle-level executives for top-level strategic responsibilities.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred learning & development company in Africa. 

Mission Statement

  We offer innovative training programs that meet individual, employer, and industry skills requirements .

Training Methodology

   Interaction:     "Learning-to-do" technique – this will consist of facilitator-led segments

  Practical:   "Doing-to-learn" technique – this will include participants-experience segments.

  Review & Agreement:  Case studies. Self-tests. Continuous Development Plans.

Core Values


We are disciplined, focused and cooperative with our clients. 


We put all our hearts and minds to whatever we do. We do our best work everyday with passion. 


We love what we do. We are passionate and committed to helping our customers.


We get things done faster and better. No excuses. 

Why Choose Us

Certified & Experienced 


Career Improving 

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