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Programme Description

The disciplined procedure for integrating human resource management strategies and systems to achieve the overall mission, strategies, and success of the organization so as to meet the needs of employees and other stakeholders.

The end goal is to achieve an effective HR planning that gets in and retain the Right People with the Right Capabilities at the Right Time in the Right Places for the organization to keep winning continuously.

Course Contents



  • Defining HR Strategies
  • Defining HR Strategic Plan
  • HR Activities

HR Planning

  • Must link with and support corporate strategies
  • Must be proactive
  • Must be sensitive to environment of the business
  • Characteristics of good HR metrics

            -Accurate data can be collected.   

            -Measures are linked to strategic and operational objectives.

            -Calculations can be clearly understood.

            -Measures provide information expected by executives.

            -Results can be compared both externally and internally.

            -Measurement data drives HR management efforts.

Benefits of HR Strategic Planning

  • Better business decisions
  • Lower HR costs
  • Timely anticipation of HR needs
  • Workforce diversity
  • Talent development

A Planning Process

  • Articulation of the organization’s objectives
  • External environment for labour supply
  • Assessment of internal HR situations
  • Develop HR forecasting of needs for people
  • Formulate plans


HR Forecasting System

  • Forecasting models
    • Future skill set requirements
    • Assumptions about availability – internal and external
    • Markov analysis in HR
    • Basic computer simulations
    • Delphi Method
    • Staffing Table Approach
    • Regression Analysis
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Linear Programming
    • Personnel Ratios
  • Programme to increase supply or reduce demand
  • Management of the disparities
  • Effectiveness of the Forecasting System
    • The organization’s size
    • The organization’s complexity or sophistication
    • Level of HR Management Leadership in the organization
    • Organization’s competitiveness in the industry
    • Changes in technology – type and speed.


Supply Forecasting Information

  • Internal Supply Forecast
    • Career planning
    • Promotion
    • Transfer
    • Training
    • Turnover control
    • Rates of productivity
    • Skills Inventory
    • Replacement Charts
    • Succession Planning
  • External Supply Forecast
    • Recruiting
    • Selection


Assessing the Internal Workforce

  • Components of an Organizational capabilities inventory

          -Individual employee demographics

          -Individual employee career progression

          -Individual job performance data

  • Jobs and Skills Audit

             -What jobs exist now?

             -How many individuals are performing each job?

             -What are the reporting relationships of jobs?

             -How essential is each job?

             -What jobs will be needed to implement future organizational strategies?

            -What are the characteristics of anticipated jobs?

  • Replacement/Promotion Planning

           -Candidate’s age

           -Present performance ratings

            -Promotion potential – Ready? Training Required? Questionable?


External Supply Forecasting Information

  • Factors affecting external

Alternatives to Deal with Shortages

  • Recalls
  • Retraining
  • Increased overtime
  • Subcontracting/Outsourcing.
Date & Time
October 21, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
October 25, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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