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Programme Description

This is a programme on how all employees sure to approach retirement shortly or in a few years time must plan how they will confront real economic issues after their employment in their organization. The course shows that retiring from corporate employment needs not become a calamity. 

It also introduces participants to post-retirement Entrepreneurship and they are taken through an orientation of “entrepreneurial personality” which, rather than being affected by a propensity for risk taking, will, among other things, focus success on one thing – “opportunity focused.”  They will learn a number of entrepreneurial logics and make them to dig deep into ideas underlying a product or service they may think of producing, prepare the ideas, get started, and keep it going with commitment.

The training will also give the participants the ways to:

  1. identify their talents and personal capabilities they can utilize elsewhere
  2. restructure their lives
  3. implement a new financial life plan
  4. if desired, start and run own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs
  5. invest wisely
  6. where needed, get new satisfying employment.

Course Contents


General Work-exit Orientation

  • Dimensions of Change & New beginnings – Exploring attitudes, hopes & fears
    • Exploring psychological aspects to exit
    • Preparedness for life after current work
    • Exploring your talents and passions
  • State of the economy and prospects faced post-employment
  • Defining Yourself – your retirement party
  • Coping with severance from corporate employment
  • How long-term employees are like Migrant Birds
  • Family issues – harmony or tension
  • Community involvement
  • Health matters – death of body organs by installments
  • Political shocks and wars


Financial Net Worth To-date

    • Liquid assets
    • Investment assets
    • Personal “assets”
    • Short-term liabilities
    • Long-term liabilities.
  • Choice of what to do next.

Investments Awareness

  • Types of investments currently available in Nigeria
  • Guidelines and advice on selecting investment types
    • Pension management – Worth by Pensions
    • Worth by Life Insurance
    • Savings and Fixed Deposits
    • Company shares build-up
    • Real estates.


How You Can Run Your Own Business

  • The Retiree’s Job Description as a Business Owner
  • Planning a new business
  • Business development process.


  • How to Choose an Entrepreneurial Endeavour to Pursue
  • The courage to take the leap
  • A random walk through simple businesses suitable for retirees
  • The disciplines for business success
  • Preparation of a business plan
  • Legal requirements for business.

Nurturing a Business for Profitability

  • Systems and structure for a retiree’s business
  • Marketing knowledge and selling skills to propagate the business
  • Attention to the financial health of the business – capital and cash flow.
  • A sample Business Cash Flow Projection
  • A sample Profit & Loss Account.


Health and Leisure

  • Ageing gracefully
  • Balancing work and health
  • Making alternative arrangements for Health cover
  • Health guideposts
    • Post-retirement stress syndromes – physiological and emotional
    • Common symptoms and signs
    • Medical check-ups and treatments.
  • Nutrition
    • Your feeding pattern
    • Nutrients the body needs
    • What constitutes balanced diet in old age.
  • Exercises
    • Age-sensitive exercises
    • Regularity of exercises.
  • Recreation
    • Socializing in retirement
    • Significance of the family
    • Community activities
    • Spiritual engagements.
  • Personal Habits
    • Drinking 
    • Smoking
    • Sleep pattern
    • Personal hygiene.
  • Managing Time in Retirement.


Assuring Family Peace

  • Understanding how Wills are prepared
  • Setting up a Trust.

Picking a New Career – Back in the Employment Market

  • Job search skills
  • Finding that job – a big or a small organization?
  • Have you the personality for the job?
  • Self-improvements for new career readiness
  • Planning and preparing your resume
  • Writing and presenting your CV
  • Where they use Tests & Assessment Centre
  • What makes a good interview. 
Date & Time
February 12, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
February 16, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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