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Programme Description

How to develop a team that delivers results through:

  • Harnessing quality staff and aligning the employees efficiently

  • Focusing the whole staff on common business goals

  • Making joint decision

  • Wiping out “fortress mentality” by getting different departments to work well together

  • The ability to attract, retain and deploy the right professionals to achieve group vision.

Course Contents

Stages of Team Development

forming, storming, norming, performing.

Characteristics of Effective, Successful Teams

Chemistry of working together

    • All the ways by which we differ and yet can work together, develop and add value
    • waterline of visibility and effect on workplace performance
    • dealing with biases and stereotypes.
    • Human needs in a team
    • The need for respect
    • The need to be appreciated
    • The need to Feel important
    • The need to be understood
    • The need to be recognized


Diversity &Inclusion in effective teamwork

Recognition of what makes a team productive

Recognition of attributes of great team leadership

Use of knowledge of people’s personalities to build a team

Employment of each team member’s potential to achieve goals

Spirit that makes each person work well with others even when coming from different backgrounds.


Interpersonal Skills for Successful Team Building

    • Relate more effectively with others – superiors & subordinates
    • To achieve set goals for self and others
    • To create a conducive work environment
    • To resolve conflicts among team members

Resolution of team conflicts

    • Common causes of conflicts
    • Types of conflicts
    • Signs of conflicts
    • Interrelationship of assertive and cooperative behaviors
    • What Compromise is
    • What Collaboration is

Commitment Standards

    • bonding aspirations
    • core values

Performance expectations, basic rules and policies.

Date & Time
May 15, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
May 17, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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