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Programme Description

How can you put data to work for your organization?

How can numbers be used to tell you about the present and future of your business activities and potential?

This course answers these questions with quantitative models. Candidates who take part in it will understand the fundamentals of this critical data management skill.

Through a series of short lectures, and demonstrations, candidates will learn the key ideas with which they can begin to create their own standard models. Next, candidates will equally handle a variety of building blocks that will allow them to start structuring their own models.


Course Contents


Data Manipulation & Analysis

  • Definition and Uses of Data, Models, and Common Functions
  • How Models are Used in Practice
  • Key Steps in the Modeling Process
  • Pivot Table

-  Default Pivot Table

-  Tabular Pivot Table

-  Pivot Table Filtering

-  Making a dynamic regular table from Pivot Table

-  Calculations and Formula use with Pivot Table

-  Advanced Pivot Table tricks.

  • PowerPivot for Data Mining (Excel 2013 or 2010 with PowerPivot Addin)

-  Working with data of over 2 million rows

-  Connecting with multiple sources of data

-  DAX formulas

-  Most popular PowerPivot Analysis.

  • PowerQuery

-  Understanding what PowerQuery is

-  Simple practical uses

-  Using it to connect to third-party data sources (your ERP or Database).

  • PowerView

-  Understanding what PowerView is

-  Simple practical uses.

  • Power Map

-  Plotting your data on a live map that can be zoomed and rotated

-  Special amazing use of the Power Map.



  • Charting Large Data

-  Understanding the principles that guide visualizing large data

-  Making charts that bring insights to a large data

-  Building a large data dashboard.

  • Making Professional Reports in Excel and Dashboards

-  Linking sheets

-  Duplicating sheets (better than copying and pasting)

-  Inserting sheets, labeling and coloring the professional way

-  Freezing Panes and splitting windows

-  Conditional formatting

  1. To identify patterns
  2. Using formulae
  3. To make extremely intelligent reports
  • Making Professional Reports in Excel and Dashboards
  • Absolute and Relative Cell addressing to make effective formulas
  • Dashboards
  • Having the audience/recipient in mind.



Linear Models and Optimization

  • Introduction to Linear Models and Optimization
  • Growth in Discrete Time
  • Constant Proportionate Growth
  • Present and Future Value
  • Optimization.

Building Blocks of Probability Models

  • Introduction to Probabilistic Models
  • Examples of Probabilistic Models
  • Probability Trees
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Markov Chain Models
  • The Bernoulli Distribution
  • The Binomial Distribution
  • The Normal Distribution
  • The Empirical Rule.



Regression Models

  • Introduction to the Regression Model
  • Use of Regression Models
  • Interpretation of Regression Coefficients
  • R-squared and Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE)
  • Fitting Curves to Data
  • Multiple Regression
  • Logistic Regression.



Preparing and Presenting the Reports

  • Excel spreadsheet reports
  • Excel to PowerPoint

-  Linking PowerPoint Charts to Excel

-  Embedding Excel sheets in PowerPoint

-  Making a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Excel to Word

-  Mail Merge: Sending a personalized mail to a list of people

-  Linking PowerPoint Charts to Excel

-  Embedding Excel sheets in Word

-  Copying tables and content from Excel to Word, the right way.

  • E-mails reports.

Date & Time
July 3, 2023
Start - 8:30 AM
July 7, 2023
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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