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Programme Description               

Financial modeling demands a logical, consistent approach. This workshop builds a financial analysis and a valuation model through a series of logical and practical stages.

 Upon completion, delegates will have a comprehensive understanding of advanced modeling, as well as how each technique can practically be applied through:

  • Building a financial model from a blank sheet
  • Designing models which minimize errors
  • Writing models which can be maintained and augmented in the future
  • Developing models with advanced techniques such as risk,

 Course Contents


Financial Analysis and Valuation

  • Different approaches to valuation
  • Financial analysis and valuation framework model
  • Useful Excel methods, features and techniques
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes in Excel.

Alternative Model Review

  • Model Structure and Planning
  • Model design and structure – key stop
  • Planning the equity valuation model
  • Required sheets, calculations and DAYs.
  • Five essential auditing techniques.

Completing and Checking the Financial Analysis/Valuation Template

  • Adding Cash Flows and Ratios
  • Structured model with a menu and accounting statements
  • Calculating key financial ratios


Adding Cash Flow and Ratios to Template

  • Non-cash Flow Valuation
  • Non-cash flow methods
  • Accounting methods
  • Dividend discount models
  • Market-based methods – EPS and multiples
  • Peer groups
  • Calculating Accounting and Market Value on Template.

Forecasting and Equity Valuation

  • Forecasting Methods
    • Review of forecasting methods
    • Macro forecasting
    • Linear methods
    • Review of historical performance
    • Relationship between company and financial strategy
    • Identifying and forecasting key drivers
    • Linkages and modeling problems
  • Reviewing Performance and Adding a Forecast.


The Case Template and Deriving Forecast

Financial Statements.

  • Free Cash Flows
    • Derivation of free cash flow
    • Checking model results and redefining forecast
    • Reasonableness of forecast and results.
    • Adding Free Cash Flow to the Model.
    • Cost of Capital:
    • Alternative theories – bonds and arbitrage pricing theory
    • Capital Asset Pricing Model constituents
    • 0pp0Discussion and agreement on WACC inputs
    •  Asset and equity betas and risk
    •  Mathematical derivation
  • Deriving Beta from Data and Adding WACC to Case
    • Initial Equity Valuation:
    • Methods of adding terminal value
    • Producing an equity valuation
    • Comparison to existing share price
  • Adding Equity Valuation to the Template.

Risk, Targeting and Other Layers

  • Alternative Cash Flow Valuation
  • Time varying WACC
  • Adjustments to value
  • Adjusted Present Value (APV) method
  • Existence and addition of financial and operational synergies
  • Reconciliation to economic profit
  • Adding APV to the Template

Risk and Sensitivity

  • Understanding of risk and multiple answers
  • Sensitivity and tables
  • Creating sensitivity graphs
  • Scenario planning based on economic climate
  • Alternative scenario methods


Testing the Models with Different Sensitivity and Risk Matrices

  • Optimum Structure and Targeting
  • Achieving a target valuation
  • Goal seeking method
  • Testing valuation with leverage and structure
  • Targeting the Case to Improve Valuation Sensitivity
  • Management Reporting and Model Review:
  • Management reporting and summary
  • Suggestion for other improvements to the valuation model
  • Final audit


  • Help and user assistance
  • Securing and protection
  • Documentation and maintenance.
  • Application of macro to financial models
  • Revision


Date & Time
August 5, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
August 9, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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