Behavioural Competencies for Top Performance

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Justifying the Course

Different levels of behavioral competency indicate how an employee may behave when faced with certain situations. The behavioral competencies guide what your top performers think or do in situations with better results, when compared to your average performers.

This training will present the competencies that will always be essential for benchmarking your employees future effectiveness. It will also review their capability, potential and performance.

Course Contents



  • What collaboration means
  • Problems that “fortress mentality” always creates
  • All the ways by which we differ and yet can work together
  • Dealing with biases
  • Human needs in a team:
    • The need for respect
    • The need to be appreciated
    • The need to feel important
    • The need to be understood
    • The need to be recognized
  • How to relate more effectively with others
  • Resolution of team conflicts
    • Common causes of conflicts
    • Types of conflicts
    • Signs of conflicts
    • Interrelationship of assertive and cooperative behaviors
    • What Compromise is 
    • What Collaboration is.


  • What makes for assertive behaviors
  • Advantages of Assertiveness: 
    • People's understanding of what you want
    • People don’t feel manipulated
    • You are likely to get what you want
    • You will maintain your self respect and others respect you. 
  • Assertive behaviors:
    • Open and honest communication
    • Listening actively
    • Staying calm
    • Taking a problem-solving approach to conflict.
  • Becoming more assertive at work:
    • Learn the difference between 'Assertive' and 'Aggressive'
    • Recognize your value
    • Know your rights
    • Know your Limitations.


Business Acumen

  • Acquire a culture of an owner of the business
  • Understand how Nigerian Breweries makes money
  • Recognize what can Save the business Money
  • Know how different departments work well together
  • Deliver clear results
  • Be conversant with Customer value and expectations
  • The discipline of business
  • Be a Problem Solver and decision taker.

Interpersonal Skill

  • Tap into your emotional energy as a source for greater productivity
  • Have an appropriate understanding of the inner drivers of others 
  • Remove the barriers to excellent interpersonal relationships with others
  • Your Personality Evolution
  • Beliefs and Attitudes regarding:
    • Women
    • Religious/Traditional Values and beliefs
    • Ethnic groups
    • Expatriates/Foreigners
    • Leadership style in Nigerian Breweries
  • How do these beliefs hinder or promote a good interpersonal environment?
  • An understanding of the iceberg of differences
  • Business Case for Effective Interpersonal Relationships
    • What behaviors do you expect from co-workers?
    • What is the Cost of poor interpersonal relationships?
    • What is the Value of good interpersonal relationships?
    • Why you should care?
  • Interpersonal Action Planning
    • What I need to stop doing
    • What I need to start doing
    • What I need to continue doing.



  • What have I been hired to do? 
  • What results are expected of me?
  • What can I do to make a real difference in Nigerian Breweries’ fortunes?
  • What are my bosses’ Critical Result Areas?

Ownership Thinking

  • Personal vision at work
  • Personal drive
  • Resourcefulness
  • Integrity
  • Self confidence
  • Self discipline
  • Perception of Engagement. 
Date & Time
August 26, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
August 28, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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