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Many sales professionals face challenges in becoming truly influential sales executives. These challenges may include a lack of understanding of customer needs, ineffective communication skills, and a limited ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

As a result, there is a growing need for a comprehensive training program that equips sales executives with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and drive successful business outcomes.

Outcomes of the Sales Training

The five outcomes we propose to achieve with this training are the following:

1.   Guide how the field salespeople can initiate more sales contacts and form strong relationships with customers where they can make sales in places they are attempting to open up.

2.   Master the techniques of analysing what, when, and under what conditions customers will use products and services.

3.   Sales strategies, techniques, and skills that build up volume sales transactions.

4.   How to effectively manage resistance from difficult prospects to make successful sales.

5.   Apply different approaches and techniques for successfully closing the sale.


Course Contents


Sales Leadership Acumen

Elevating the Brand

Differentiating Yourself as the “Salesperson” rather than an “Order-Taker.”

Use the APPLE Sales Steps Correctly

  • Approaching customer
  • Probing politely
  • Presenting
  • Listening
  • Ending with fond Closing.

Battling Successfully for Greater Share of the Customer Patronage

  • How to use the sales process to attract premium customers’ trust
  • How to make customers remain emotional
  • How to retain top-of-the-mind visibility with customers and prospects
  • How to raise awareness for new products and services.

Qualifying Customers – Criteria for Prioritising

  • Potential size of customer account
  • History of patronage
  • Financial soundness of the customer
  • Customer accessibility
  • Positive attitude.

Sales Communications Skills

  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Objections Handling.


Sales Planning Process

  • Setting your market Objectives
  • Identifying the Customers and Prospects to pursue
  • Managing your field sales Time
  • Evaluating your Performance each day.

Sales Territory and Productivity Planning

  • Sales Territory Delineation
    • Geographic areas
    • List of nominated accounts
    • Call planning.

Market Territory Management

  • Route planning
  • Call Plans
  • Sales target for the period
  • Other objectives for the period
  • Executing Call Plan Sheet
  • Territory coverage
  • Adding new prospects and deleting “dogs”.

Creating Maximum Customer Value

  • How to increase transaction size for each customer contact
  • How to increase customer transaction frequency
  • How to increase customer retention and Lifetime Customer Value
  • How to recover lost clients
  • How can we keep growing the market share?


Profitable Negotiation

  • Sales Negotiation Tactics
  • Rules of Commercial Negotiation
    • No negotiation when selling is unsure
    • Increase the level of customer needs first
    • Concession strategies.
  • Common Negotiation Tactics
    • Bogey
    • Good guy, Bad guy
    • Nibbling
    • Crunch
  • Price Negotiations.

Field Records and Field Reports

  • Customers Reports 
  • Prospects Reports
  • General Weekly Activity Reports
  • Analysis of opportunity areas
  • Sales Meeting: Touchpoints.
Date & Time
September 2, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
September 4, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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