Here's a brief overview of some facts about elephants (Source: Wikipedia):

1.   Size and Strength: Elephants are the largest and potentially the  most potent land animals. A mature elephant can range from 6 feet to 11 feet and weigh anywhere from 1.7 to 6.9 tons, depending on the species.
2.   Self-Awareness and Cognition: Elephants display self-awareness and possess cognitive abilities that enable them to learn and showcase their 
intelligence. They are commonly believed to have an exceptional memory.

  • Can elephants dance? Elephants elegantly sway their trunk and head, gracefully flap their ears, rhythmically sway their tails, and shift their bodies from side to side, often lifting one foot off the ground. If one perceives these movements as a dance, the answer is, "Yes, elephants can indeed dance."

    Now, the more pertinent question arises: What does the dance of elephants symbolise? In this context, "elephant" metaphorically represents a BIG organisation or individual, while "dance"  signifies  a  change  in  the organisation's direction. Steering a large organisation towards a new course is akin to navigating a colossal cargo ship at sea – it demands a wealth of data, meticulous planning, and a considerable amount of time to execute the turn successfully.
    A renowned Governor from western Nigeria has earned the nickname "The Dancing Governor" due to his distinctive fusion of dance moves and theatrical gestures, which have animated the political scene over the past decade.

    Many have criticised him for what they perceive as his audacious behaviour at public functions. Given his stature as a prominent figure, questions have arisen about how he could exhibit such light-hearted conduct in the public sphere. Nevertheless, despite the barrage of criticism, he emerged victorious in the gubernatorial election in his state. The "BIG MAN" has not ceased to showcase his dancing prowess. Former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has commended the Governor for defying his detractors by being a governor who dances but also diligently fulfils his governance duties in the state.

    In the vast and colourful jungle of business and life, a legendary creature has captivated the imagination of many – the Dancing Elephant! This delightful pachyderm has much to teach us about navigating the wild terrain of entrepreneurship, management, and our journeys. So, please wear your dancing shoes and let's boogie with the Dancing Elephant as we unearth some valuable lessons.

Lesson 1: Embrace the Unconventional (Entrepreneurs)

    Entrepreneurs, take a cue from our dancing friend. Don’t be too big or too old to try new things. As elephant dancing is unconventional, successful entrepreneurs often break free from traditional moulds. Embrace the unexpected, be willing to take risks, and dance to your tune. The Dancing Elephant teaches us that unusual, offbeat ideas sometimes lead to greatness.

Lesson 2: Lead by Example (Managers)

    Managers, you can learn something from the Dancing Elephant's graceful moves. Just like our majestic dancer confidently leads, managers should lead by example. Whether demonstrating a solid work ethic, maintaining a positive attitude, or fostering a collaborative environment, your team will follow your lead. Be the dancing elephant in your workplace!

Lesson 3: Adaptability is Key (Employees)

    Employees remember that adaptability is your secret weapon in the ever- evolving dance of business. Our Dancing Elephant effortlessly switches between dance styles, showcasing its adaptability. In the same way, being open to change, learning new skills, and adjusting to shifting circumstances will keep you in rhythm with the business world.

Lesson 4: Persistence Pays Off (Life Lessons)

Life, like dancing, can have its fair share of stumbles and missteps. But the Dancing Elephant reminds us that persistence pays off. It only became a great dancer after a while. Likewise, keep moving forward, even when the path seems challenging. With dedication and determination, you can conquer any dancefloor life presents.

Lesson 5: Celebrate Your Uniqueness (Everyone)

    One of the most critical lessons from the Dancing Elephant is the power of embracing our uniqueness. Just as this elephant's dance is a one-of-a-kind spectacle, each of us has something unique to offer. Celebrate your individuality, talents, and quirks. Don't be afraid to let your true self shine.

Lesson 6: Collaboration Creates Magic (Teams)

    In the jungle of business, success often depends on effective teamwork. The Dancing Elephant wows us with its coordinated moves, showcasing the magic of collaboration. Whether part of a startup or a corporate giant, remember that the best performances happen when team members work together harmoniously.

Lesson 7: Keep Learning (Entrepreneurs, Managers, Employees, Everyone)

    Our Dancing Elephant is constantly learning new dances. This reminds us that the learning journey never ends. Entrepreneurs keep exploring new markets and technologies. Managers, stay updated on leadership trends. Employees, continue to develop your skills. In life, never stop seeking knowledge and growth.

Lesson 8: Find Joy in Every Step (Life Lessons)

    Lastly, the most joyful lesson is to find joy in every step of your journey. The Dancing Elephant is a symbol of pure happiness. Whether it's achieving a business milestone, managing a successful team, excelling in your role, or simply savouring life's small moments, relish the joy in each step you take.

So, there you have it, the delightful tale of the Dancing Elephant and its invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs, managers, employees, and life in general. As you venture into the jungle of business and life, embrace the unconventional, lead with grace, adapt to change, persist through challenges, celebrate your uniqueness, collaborate with others, keep learning, and find joy in every step of your dance.

Now, my friends, it's time to put on your dancing shoes and waltz into the future with the spirit of the Dancing Elephant as your guide. 

Happy dancing!

September 9, 2023