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Program Description

In all human environments, undertaking work activities is accepted to be good for a person’s psychological and physical well-being. That is, good work is good for well-being.

However, there are aspects of the workplace that, if not appropriately managed, have the potential to negatively affect an employee’s physical health, mental health, and sense of well-being. That way, the effectiveness of an organization to fulfil its operational requirements gets impinged.

The purpose of this training therefore is to increase Management’s as well as employees’ understanding of psychological hazards, and also promote positive well-being in the workplace the same way that the physical health of themselves and others must be taken care of.

Course content


Factors of an Employee’s Well-being

  • Physical factor
  • Emotional factor
  • Social factor

Understanding Workplace Psychological Safety

  • Well-being experiences in the workplace
  • Absence of harm or risk factors
  • A feeling of “Engagement.”

Workplace Physical Hazards

  • Hearts and Minds on hazard encounters
  • Assessing risk likelihood and consequences
  • Identifying and enforcing needed controls.

Mental Capability

  • Realization of capabilities
  • Coping with stressors
  • Optimum productivity and contributions.

Psychological Risk Factors

  • Features of the work environment
  • Management practices
  • The way work is organised or designed.


The Psychologically Healthy Workplace

 Open and honest leadership

 Fair and respectful culture

 Diversity and Inclusion

 Good job design

 Work/Life balance

 Employee development

 Workload management

 Physical and mental health support.

Consequences of a Psychologically Unsafe Workplace

  • Poor individual health
  • Reduced functioning
  • Increased absenteeism
  • High staff turnover
  • Low morale and motivation
  • Lost productivity
  • Inability to deliver objectives
  • Increased workers’ agitation and compensation claims.


Psychosocial Risks & Life Supports

  • High Job Demands
    • Physically/emotionally demanding work
    • Time pressures
    • Shift work
  • Supports
    • Monitor workloads and work flow and deadlines
    • Allocate appropriate resources
    • Staff rotation
    • Enforce allocated breaks and annual vacations
    • Compliance with safety requirements
  • Low Job Demands
    • Too little to do
    • Highly repetitive or monotonous tasks
  • Supports
    • Rotate staff through repetitive tasks
    • Staff development and skills building.
  • Relationships Conflicts
    • Conflict about responsibilities
    • Bullying
  • Supports
    • Enforce Code of Conduct
    • Clear reporting lines
    • Regular team meetings
    • Promote organisational values team behaviour
    • Strengthen HR capabilities and professionalism
    • Structured feedback
  • Change Management Tension and Anxiety
    • Unclear involvements
    • Poor or lack of communication
    • Haphazard programmes
  • Supports
    • Ensure appropriate framework for change management
    • Robust consultation and engagement with staff
    • Provide reasons and background to the change
    • Keep staff informed.


Psychosocial Risks & Life Supports

  • Organisational Injustices
    • Inconsistent application of policies and procedures,
    • Bias and unfairness
  • Supports
    • Foster a culture of transparency, respect and equity
    • Structured and trusted performance monitoring and management
    • Clearly codified rules of grievance and appeal process
  • Violent or Traumatic Events
    • Exposure to abuse
      • Threat or actual harm
    • Fear and/or injury
  • Supports
    • Security of physical environment
    • Issues flagging and early warning systems
    • Training in violence prevention/de-escalation techniques
    • Zero tolerance of aggression towards workers.
Date & Time
September 17, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
September 20, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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