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Programme Description

Microfinance is about providing financial services to the citizens not financially buoyant, i.e., low-income micro enterprises and households, which are traditionally not served well by the conventional financial institutions. It is the provision of a broad range of financial services to low-income micro enterprises and households.

The range of credits to this category of clients includes Loans, Insurance, Leasing which are characterized by small value collateral. The clear focus is on poverty reduction, through income and employment generation.

Two features distinguish microfinance interventions from other formal financial products. These are:

  1. The smallness of the loans advanced and the savings collected.
  2. The absence of Asset-based collateral, and iii)Simplicity of Operations.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Possess the knowledge of the distinct difference between lending in Microfinance Banks and Commercial Banks.
  • Understand the distinct characteristics of the microfinance clients and the differences in Credit methodology.
  • Get to know the implications of ownership structure of Microfinance institutions not being the same as typically found in the conventional financial institution.
  • Be able to Create Groups/Unions/Societies and other informal Associations for effective Loans disbursement.
  • Master the strategies and techniques for making precise and good loan judgement.
  • Understand the peculiar Loan packages and post-disbursement monitoring.
  • Be able to determine Market intelligence and institutional strengths, which are key ingredients for Market positioning/Loans disbursement.
  • Know the target market, ideal product mix and identify the ways to mitigate the Credit Risks on the field.
  • Be able to structure Loans for that are appropriate to the customer’s repayment capacity.
  • Be confident in adopting effective focus towards a Market-Driven or Client Driven Agenda for loan packages.

Course Contents


Introduction to Credit Analysis and Management.

  • What is Microfinance Banking?
    • Types of Credits /Other facilities
    • Credit Delivery /Methodologies
  • Market Research /Description of the Products and Services

Market Analysis

  • What is Market Analysis?
  • Understanding the Market /Loan Techniques
  • Management of Difficult Customers/Loan Delinquency
    • Financial Ratio Analysis
    • Supporting Documents
    • Performance Ratio/Loan Portfolio Quantity
  • Opportunity identification/Benefits of Strategic Loan packaging
  • Strategic Business Planning is an essential Tool
  • Develop Financial Projections/Market Driven


Introduction Group Lending

  • Formation of Formal and informal groups
  • Why Group Lending
  • Organizational structure /Methodologies
  • Record Keeping /Field Monitoring

Understanding MFB Markets

  • Understanding the MFB Products/Markets
  • Understanding Loan Delinquency
  • What are the causes of MFB Loan Delinquency
  • Signs of Delinquency with MFB Customers
  • How Loan Losses affect Product Development/Loan Disbursement

Delinquency Prevention /Relationship Management.


Relationship Management /Client Retention.

  • Loan Loss Provision & Reserves/ Measuring Delinquency
  • Portfolio at Risk (PAR) /PAR Limitations
  • Controlling Delinquency
  • Loan Portfolio Quality Analysis
  • Group /Association formations
    • Establishment of formal and informal groups.
    • Group Meetings and Leaders of the Groups.
  • Evaluating the Results of the Products and Services.
    • Evaluation and Feedback.
Date & Time
January 15, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
January 17, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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