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Programme Description

Employee Relations Management focuses on policies that get the organization to make considerable investment in the creation of a conducive work environment that fosters a collaborations work.

Employee relations influence nearly every human resource decision made in an organization:

  • Levels of employee engagement
  • Interpersonal relations among employees
  • Relationship between managers and employees. 
  • Relationship between employees and management
  • Quality of communication and collaborations
  • Achieving the goals of excellent employee relations.

A successful employee relations practice shows in open and robust communication in the organization and employee motivation. These, in turn, foster employee loyalty and improve organizational performance.

Most managers already understand that robust and open communication that excellent employee relations promote does directly affect an organization’s financial health and profitability.

Course Contents


Employers, Management and Employee Relations Issues

  • Role of employers and management
  • Role of employers’ organizations/associations
  • Profiles conducive to productivity
  • Financial and non-financial motivation
  • Positive discipline
  • Joint consultation and employee participation
  • Trade Dispute Act.

Employee Relations Roles and the Ulrich Model

  • Employee Advocacy role
  • Change Mentoring and Championing role
  • Administrative Expertise role
  • Strategic Partnering role.

Promotion of Basic Employee Needs at Work

  • The need for respect
  • The need to be appreciated
  • The need to feel important
  • The need to be understood
  • The need to be recognized
  • The need to be truthful.


Employee Relations & Labour Relations Practices

  • A brief on Nigeria's Employment Laws
  • Associations and Unions management   
  • Employee grievance handling
  • Discipline procedures
  • Internal communications
  • External communications
  • Conflict of interests
  • Political activities.
  • Basis of Rights and Obligations
  • Employee Rights
  • Employee Duties
  • Controversial Areas (Unsettled Law)
  • Emerging Rights
  • New Laws Under Government Consideration.

Employee Relations & Open Communication Practices

  • Employee engagement
  • Culture management
  • Diversity and inclusion programmes
  • Constant feedback
  • Competitive pay and compensation practices.


Promotion of Functional Communications

  • Gathering information from Line Areas for the Corporate Decisions
  • Adherence to HR Policies and Procedures
  • Guiding Line Leaders in Talent Management Actions
  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Building Competences for Line performance
  • Managing the Grievances and Performance Processes
  • Providing Solutions to Employees’ Queries
  • Managing Employee Grievances.

Management of Common Peculiarities Among Nigerian Workers

  • Strong shows of emotion.
  • Relative lower sensitivity to timeliness.
  • High Reverence to Age and professional seniority.
  • Tolerance of tardiness on the job.
  • Diversions and small talks on duty.

Date & Time
February 19, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
February 21, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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